Gervonta Davis To Spend Rest Of House Arrest Sentence In Jail

Gervonta Davis is reportedly headed to jail, less than a month after appearing to avoid jail following a guilty plea in his hit-and-run case.

via: HotNewHipHop

In November 2020, Davis ran a red light and struck another vehicle, with prosecutors claiming Davis fled the scene despite injuring a pregnant woman. Davis pled guilty to four charges.

Davis began his house arrest in early May, choosing to reside at the home of his trainer, Calvin Ford. On top of the house arrest, Davis was required to complete 200 hours of community service and attend sessions with Mothers Against Drunk Driving. However, less than a month into his sentence, things appear to have changed for the boxer.

First reported by The Baltimore Banner, Davis was taken into custody for an “impromptu hearing” on Thursday night. As a result of this hearing, Davis’ sentence was changed from house arrest to penal incarceration. However, Baltimore Sherrif’s Office has not revealed what prompted the hearing, or why Davis’ sentence was changed.

As a result, Davis will now spend the next two months behind bars. It’s a major change to his sentence, implying that something may have gone down to cause the legal system to reconsider the severity of his punishment. As noted by one of his victims at his plea hearing, Davis affected a number of lives that night. “Since Nov. 5, 2020, I been suffering damage to my knee. They told me I would never be the same,” Smith said. “It’s hard to see this go so long, and I never received an apology. I feel like I don’t matter. Imagine being 18 years old, and the doctor saying you’ll never be the same,” Jyair Smith told The Baltimore Sun.

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