G Herbo and Girlfriend Taina Williams Expecting Second Child Together [Video]

G Herbo is set to become a father of three at 26 years old. The rapper is having a new addition to his brood as fiancee Taina Williams confirmed she’s pregnant.

via: Revolt

On Friday (Dec. 24), Williams took to Instagram to share a vlog she made while revealing the pregnancy news to the PTSD spitter. “I’m feeling like I should vlog this because I think this may be a thing,” she said in the clip. She then shared a video of herself facetiming her boyfriend to show him the positive pregnancy test. An excited Herbo smiled and laughed.

Viewers were then shown images of the baby’s ultrasound and cute moments that the pair shared with their son Essex. At the end of the video, Williams reveals an ornament on the Christmas tree that read, “It’s a girl.”

Back in May, the pair welcomed their first child. Herbo posted the first picture of the newborn on his Instagram account with a black-and-white photo that featured the baby’s tiny fist next to him. Williams first announced that the couple was expecting their first child together back in January. The Chicago rapper also has a son, Yosohn Wright, from a previous relationship.

Earlier this year, the “Swervo” emcee explained how he knew Williams was “the one” on the “Million Dollaz Worth of Game” podcast. “I ain’t gon’ lie… I really feel like opposites attract in a way… She just pure, through and through,” he said. “You know what I’m sayin’? She not afraid to like express her feelings, tell me how she feel about stuff. Even when it’s like I don’t understand it all the time. She’ll tell me something where I feel like she kinda like dissin’ me a little bit, but she really ain’t. She tellin’ me something that really build me.”

Congratulaitons to G Herbo and Williams! Check out her post below.

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