Future Talks Marriage & Children, Ciara Responds to Future's Baby Mama Drama [Photos]


A few days ago we shared pictures of Ciara posing with the mothers of her soon-to-be-husband Future’s children.

A lot of you love muffins felt some type of way about the ladies appearing to be super close, but Ciara wants you to know that it’s all love. She tweeted:

Ghetto Blogs Always Have A Ghetto Perspective:) HaHa..:)

Thats All U Got, Negativity?:) Gotta Try A Little Harder, You’ll Never Break Through This Wall Of Positivity #GodIsWitMe? Happy Sun 2 All!

In addition to that, Future spoke on the family controversy and Ciara’s rumored pregnancy with The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.

On whether babies are on the way

“Everything’s going as planned.  Everything’s going well.”

On what makes her special and how she befriends his babies’ mamas

“Man, her personality.  Even with being at the concert yesterday, I had my kids, I had my kids moms and she just catered to everybody. Just showing everyone hospitality. I mean you can’t get a girl that just get along with your kids moms and get along with your mom that can just mingle with your family and bringing everybody together and just want that to happen. Sometimes they just want to beef and bring or split everybody apart. But she’s the kind of person she want everyone in the same room.”

“That’s a real woman. You call the kids and you check up on them. We’ll bring them over and want to spend time with them. Sometimes when you already have kids before you’re in a relationship, a girl that just like despise your kids don’t even want them around. They’re jealous of your kids. She never showed that trait before.”

Hmm…we’ll just keep our eye on that baby bump for now. We wish Ciara & Nayvadius the best!

[via YBF]

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