Funkmaster Flex Says Drake, Kanye West, And LL Cool J All Got Liposuction

DJ Funk Flex recently revealed he got liposuction after losing weight, but now he says he only went public because he learned Drake, Kanye West, and LL Cool J had done it too.

via The Blast:

Back in November, Funk Flex posted a video of his actual liposuction surgery and was met with tons of reactions about revealing a little too much of the medical procedure. But, the DJ recently appeared on a popular podcast and discussed details of the event, including the famous musicians and athletes who he says also received the treatments!

Funk Flex recently sat down with Gilli Da Kid and Wallo’s Million on their ‘Dollaz Worth of Game’ podcast — where the famous DJ discussed his reasons for going under the knife.

“I went public with it just because I thought everyone did,” he began. The DJ explained the procedure was also recommended by professional athletes, who he did not name.

“Now, I can’t say I seen, but I can say, you know, I did, to my knowledge, Drake and Kanye and LL (Cool J) and people like that, that’s what they were doing,” Flex said.

He continued, “When I called and I got in touch with the guy who did it for me, I was recommended because current football players and current boxers go to him.”

Drake and LL Cool J have not responded to the allegation, nor have they publically discussed having this sort of procedure, but Kanye West confirmed having received liposuction in 2016.

During an interview, Kanye claimed he went under the knife after being afraid people would make fun of him the way they did his brother-in-law, Rob Kardashian.

Adding, “I didn’t want y’all to call me fat, so I got liposuction.”

Interestingly, Kanye blames the medical procedure for getting hooked on painkillers, saying, “They gave me opioids and I started taking two of them. And then driving to work on the opioids.” The rapper explained the pills were part of the reason for his erratic behavior, “The reason why I dropped those tweets and everything is ’cause I was drugged the f–k out, bro. And I’m not drugged out.”

The question is — was Funk Flex the last to find out? Drake’s lipo, though unconfirmed, has been speculated for years. Kanye admitted his. LL Cool J’s wouldn’t surprise us considering The Rock already admitted he did it years ago.

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