French Montana Sued Over Vicious Dog Attack That Allegedly Left Landscaper With Severe Injuries

A gardener is suing rapper French Montana over an alleged dog attack.

via: Radar Online

According to court documents obtained by Radar, a man named Jason Leyva is suing French Montana for negligence.

Leyva says the rapper is the owner of a Tibetan Mountain Dog that caused him injuries. He says he was at French’s former Calabasas mansion on November 3, 2019. He was hired to perform landscaping work on the property.

Leyva says the dog was on the premises but not being watched by French. The man says French should have known his dog was dangerous because it has allegedly bitten others in the past.

The suit labels the rapper as negligent for allowing the animal to “roam freely without any form of restraint or control of a competent person.”

“Defendants failed to have the dog under restraint or to take any other precautions to prevent the dog from attacking Plaintiff or other persons or to warn invitees of the danger posed by the dog.”

Leyva claims the dog viciously attacked him causing physical injuries. “Plaintiff has been unable, and will continue in the future to be unable, to attend to his normal occupations, resulting in a loss of earnings and earning capacity.”

The landscaper did not detail his injuries in the complaint. The suit is seeking unspecified damages for the alleged attack. The rapper has yet to respond to the lawsuit.

Back in 2019, French was sued by another man named Daniel Banuelos over a dog attack. He claimed to have been hired to install a security-camera system inside the same home.

In his suit, he claimed French’s dog Zane “violently attacked and viciously” bit him. Daniel even accused French of having, ‘encouraged the dog’s aggressive and vicious nature in order to make the dog a greater risk and threat to intruders.”

His lawsuit sought unspecified damages for his “severe and permanent mental, emotional, and psychological injuries.”

You would think celebrities would be more careful with their pets.

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