Frankie Beverly Says Beyoncé Covering 'Before I Let Go' Is ‘One of the High Points of My Life’

Beyoncé’s cover of cookout staple “Before I Let Go” originally performed by Maze is a hit among fans and critics alike.

Now, we know that Maze frontman Frankie Beverly is fully onboard with Bey’s version.

via Complex:

He recently spoke with Billboard, initially saying that he didn’t even know of the cover’s existence until one to two weeks before the project’s release. “When they played it, that’s when I heard the first draft of it, and I was blown away,” he said. He continued by praising Queen Bey, calling her rendition “one of the high points of my life.”

Beverly also spoke on the song’s staying power since its release 38 years ago, saying that he was surprised that the song has maintained relevance until today. “It was a huge song at the time, and it’s one of those things this band will be able to carry on forever,” he said. 

If you haven’t given Beyoncé’s “Before I Let Go” a spin, you can check it out along with the rest of the ‘Homecoming’ live album here.

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