Former Pizza Company Employee Accused of Putting Razor Blades in Dough Sold at Grocery Store |

Former Pizza Company Employee Accused of Putting Razor Blades in Dough Sold at Grocery Store

38-year-old Nicholas Mitchell was taken into police custody after he allegedly put razor blades into pizza dough that was sold at a grocery store.

via Complex:

While Mitchell’s arrest occurred in New Hampshire, the store at which the dough was sold is in Maine

Surveillance footage taken from the Hannaford Supermarket in Saco, Maine is said to have shown Mitchell committing the crime. The store contacted local authorities on Tuesday, October 6, after a customer reported finding multiple razor blades in dough purchased at the store. 

Mitchell was taken into custody in Dover, New Hampshire, which is about 45 minutes southwest of Saco. His arrest came shortly after police shared a photo of his vehicle, along with a description of him, on Facebook.

A statement was released on Monday by Mike White, the CEO of the supply company (It’ll Be Pizza) that makes the dough. That statement said Mitchell was an ex-employee, and also issued a recall for Portland Pie Pizza Dough, which is the brand Mitchell is alleged to have tampered with.

That recall was issued for products put out between August 1 and October 11, though no related injuries or illnesses have been reported.

Replenishment of the brand has been put on indefinite pause.

Immediately available info did not clarify why Mitchell no longer works for It’ll Be Pizza. The statement released by CEO Mike White said additional details wouldn’t be provided due to the ongoing police investigation. 

On that note, a motive is also yet to be identified. 

Mitchell remains in a New Hampshire county jail on the charge of being a fugitive. If he’s extradited to Maine he’ll be hit with more charges. 

There truly are some crazy people in this world.

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