Floyd Mayweather Allegedly Screamed He's Going To 'Kill' Late Ex Josie Harris In Violent Beatdown

Floyd Mayweather, Jr.’s late ex Josie Harris suffered domestic abuse at the hands of the retired athlete when they were still together.

The 40-year-old mother of three reportedly shared details about their tumultuous relationship in a tell-all book, which extract have been shared by a friend of Josie. The friend, who claimed to be concerned about Josie, explained that she decided to share the extract because “Josie deserves to have her voice heard, now more than ever.”

According to The Sun which obtained the extract, Josie claimed Floyd once “almost killed” her after a violent beatdown in front of their three kids. During the attack which happened in 2010, the former professional boxer allegedly grabbed her by the hair while she was still sleeping, dragged her around the room of her home in Las Vegas “like a rag doll” before punching her repeatedly in the head and screaming, “I’ll f**king kill you.”

Josie wrote in the unpublished book, “My eyes flew open to the sound of my own screams. Pain was searing through my skull when I looked up and saw Floyd. He was holding the back of my hair, standing over me with one hand, punching the back of my head with the other… dragging me off the sofa and pulling me across the room. Furniture in the living room was falling as he pulled me like a rag doll.”

Floyd and Josie’s three kids Jirah, Zion and Koraun, then aged 7, 9 and 11, allegedly begged their father to stop. Josie said she implored to him, “Floyd, listen to your kids. You’re doing this in front of your kids…” But it didn’t end there. “Before I could say anything Floyd again tightened his grip on my hair and beat the back of my head…,” Josie wrote.

“He was determined to teach me a lesson. I could see it in his eyes. But, I knew I couldn’t lay down, so I fought back,” so she claimed. She, however, stood no chance against the strength of Floyd and “was afraid now.” Josie said she was afraid for her life as Floyd screamed at her, “I’ll stop hitting you when you go down, b***h! ”

Josie said their children tried to get help, but Floyd and his friend stopped them from doing so. Their son Koraun eventually managed to jump over the fence and get help from security, who then called 911, while Floyd fled the scene.

Josie suffered brain contusions, a possible concussion and a sprained left arm from the beatdown. She recalled feeling “so alone and frightened” as paramedics took her into the ambulance, as she described the incident as “agonizing and humiliating” since it happened in front of their children.

While Josie admitted their relationship was volatile and it wasn’t the first time he abused her, the 2010 incident was the last straw in their relationship. “He had hit me before and I had been violent toward him in our relationship,” she confessed. “But, I knew this had to be the last beat down.”

Floyd served two months behind bars as he was convicted for attacking Josie and they split up. The two, however, appeared to maintain a good relationship as the 43-year-old boxing promoter paid tribute to his ex following her sudden passing on March 9. He flooded his Instagram page with photos of her a few days later, calling her “My Angel,” “My Heart,” “My Love,” “My Rock,” “My Friend,” “My Sunshine” and “My Kiss” among other sweet things.

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