Fix Him, Jesus: Kanye West to Headline Massive Prayer Rally With Anti-LGBTQ Pastors and Activists

Kanye West has taken this whole new age evangelist thing a little too far.

According to reports, Kanye is set to headline Awaken 2020 — “first epic evangelical stadium event of the decade.”

Now, that sounds all fine and dandy…until you see who all’s gon’ be there.

via Complex:

The Christian gathering features a lineup of controversial religious leaders who’ve expressed anti-gay views. These figures include Cindy Jacobs, a self-proclaimed prophet who encouraged Christians to “rise up” and stop the Equality Act; Guillermo Maldonado, a Miami-based pastor who believes homosexuality is a result of “a generational curse, or even a demonic attack while in the womb”; Ché Ahn, the president of Harvest International Ministry who once compared gay rights to racist laws: “just because it’s legal does not mean that it’s right, at one time we had a law saying blacks were not citizens, that didn’t make that right”; and Lou Engle, a senior leader of the International House of Prayer who was a vocal proponent of Uganda’s “Kill the Gays” bill, and who once claimed Nazism was fueled by homosexuality.

No, Kanye. This is not the way. Considering how sizable the Kardashians’ LGBTQ fanbase is it’s almost shocking he would even consider this. Then again it IS Kanye.

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