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Federal Government Will Distribute Crack/Meth Pipes For Harm Reduction Strategy

In the name of harm reduction, the substance abuse arm of the Health and Human Services Agency will begin providing funds to help distribute “safe smoking kits” for the consumption of various illicit drugs like crack cocaine and crystal meth.

via: Hot97

According reports, the Health and Human Service (HHS) has a new $30 million grant program that will fund the distribution of items, like crack pipes, for smoking illicit substances. It’s meant to be a harm reduction program. The money will also have funding for syringe exchange programs, the opioid reversal drug naloxone, test kits to detect fentanyl and “safe smoking kits/supplies,” among other traditional measures, like HIV testing and safer sex resources.

An HHS spokesperson reportedly confirmed to The Washington Free Beacon these “safe smoking kits” will provide pipes for the consumption of “any illicit substance” to reduce the risk of infection, which can potentially occur through cuts and sores, according to a local report. Black Enterprise reports, the program aims to reduce the risk of infection when doing drugs with glass pipes. It prioritizes the organizations that target “underserved communities,” including African Americans and “LGBTQ+ persons,” to comply with President Biden’s executive order on “advancing racial equity,” according to the grant document.

Along with harm reduction maybe the federal government should look funding shelters with short-term and transitional housing, recovery services, counseling, job training and mental and physical welfare services.

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