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Famed Psychologist Dr. Umar Johnson Weds 2 Women At The Same Time [Photo + Video]

Looks like congratulations are in order for controversial psychologist Dr. Umar Johnson who appeared to tie the knot with two women on Instagram Live.

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On Saturday, September 11, the famed school psychologist appeared to marry two different women at the same time in nuptials which aired live on Instagram Live.

On Sunday, the 47-year-old’s official Instagram page posted a photo from his wedding. In the image, he wore a classic black suit with a white shirt and a black bowtie, as he was sandwiched between his alleged two brides, who wore matching white dresses. Others details of the wedding are not immediately available as it was used to promote his upcoming training BootKamp in Brooklyn.

Footage from the supposed weekend nuptials has also circulated online. In one clip, the two women walked down the aisle side by side. After delivering a speech, Umar was seen getting on his knees as he put on a ring on one of the women’s finger. He kissed her hand and she, being nice and all, helped the second woman by offering to hold her flower bouquet while Umar did the same to the second woman.

Umar then took turns to hug both women. He later stood between his new wives again and wrapped his hands around them as the crowd cheered. They were all smiles and began dancing excitedly to the music.

Needless to say, his apparent double wedding has left many of his followers puzzled. “I beg your pardon,” one person asked in disbelief. Clowning the newlyweds, another enthused, “Y’all he’s not married! This was just a fashion show.”

A third commenter called it “Sad,” while a fourth said, “This is one raggedy wedding.” Some other shaded the women, with one writing, “I pray I’m NEVER this desperate!!” Another implored, “Let us pray for these women.”

Others, meanwhile, took aim at Umar’s plans to open a school for black kids. “Man when the school opening up,” one shaded him. Another critic remarked, “Was it held in his unfinished school? Cuz man that looks like a garage or warehouse.” Someone else retorted, “And he used all your donations.”

There were still a few who came to his defense and congratulated him on his weddings. “Congratulations Dr. Umar haters gonna hate,” one of the fans said.

Umar is a school psychologist, clinical psychologist, author and community activist based in Pennsylvania. He is known for consistently standing up for black community. In 2014, he announced his plan to open a school name Fredrick Douglass Marcus Garvey Academy (FDMG) for black kids.

He launched an initiative in which he said to raise $5 million to buy St. Paul’s College, Lawrenceville, Virginia and further to convert it into a boarding school for young black African American students. Umar raised the fund completely after 5 years to buy property in Wilmington, Delaware. He said the school has been completed, but they still need to raise around $300,000 for essential repair work before it can open.

However, he has been criticized for the project. Some peoples considered him a fraud for his fundraising tactics as they accused him of cheating the philanthropists in the name of fundraising. Umar has insisted that he hasn’t spent any of the money he has raised for the school.

This is definitely not legal but congrats.

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