That Explains It: Tyler Perry Says 'I Don't Have Time to Wait' for the Right Kind of Wig on Set [Video] |

That Explains It: Tyler Perry Says ‘I Don’t Have Time to Wait’ for the Right Kind of Wig on Set [Video]

Tyler Perry has been catching a lot of heat since the premiere of his latest film ‘A Fall from Grace’ on Netflix.

Social media has been on fire with photos and video of errors from the set — including costume errors, microphones in the frame, visible scripts, random wig changes in the middle of scenes, and more.

When asked about the wigs on set, Tyler Perry said that he simply just doesn’t just care to spend the time or money on making sure they’re right.


via AJC:

Ahead of the Jan. 17 debut of the Crystal Fox-starring film, Perry and Fox spoke to Hello Beautiful about the on-set tension that bubbled up over one of the wigs.

“We had a knock down, drag out argument about the wigs in one of the scenes,” Perry said. “It was very emotional for her.”

Perry explained that it’s important for his characters to be transformed in a way that separates them from the actor portraying them. Mehcad Brooks, who plays Fox’s on-screen boyfriend, Shannon, is bald in real life, but wore a high top on screen.

Fox, who has worked with Perry on the OWN series “The Haves and the Have Nots,” shared that she’s always willing to ask for what she needs as an actress for her character — including a particular wig or hairstyle.

“As a woman of color, our hair is part of the journey so it is very, very important. And to some people it is hard to stress that it is that important,” she said.

Perry agreed about the importance of tresses, but he said he’s not willing to spend hefty amounts of time or money to sort through it.

“As long as you figure it out before it’s time to shoot. I’m good. I don’t have time to wait five hours and spend $10 million to figure out which curl is right for you,” he said in part.

Watch the video below.


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