That Explains It: Blac Chyna Attended the Oscars as Music Producer Christopher Trujillo's Plus-One

How the hell did Blac Chyna end up on the 2020 Oscars red carpet?

Like all of you — we were bewildered when we saw Chyna stop and pose for the cameras — but now we know how she got there.

She revealed Monday morning that she had attended Hollywood’s biggest night with a music producer named Christopher Trujillo.

“Headed to the Oscars with my Award winning engineer @titojustmusic ? @fashionnovamen ad,” the mother of two captioned the her Instagram post.

Trujillo, better known as Tito JustMusic, has worked with many stars in the music industry. According to Trujillo, better known as Tito JustMusic’s All Music profile, he was a recording engineer for multiple songs on Ariana Grande‘s 2016 album Dangerous Woman, as well as albums by Meghan Trainor and Fifth Harmony.

We gotta hand it to Blac ‘By Any Means Necessary’ Chyna. It looks like she may have found herself the Rob Kardashian of music engineers.

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