[Exclusive] NeNe Leakes Allegedly FIRED, Not Offered a Contract to Return to 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' for Season 13

NeNe Leakes has lost her peach…for now.

Sources exclusively tell lovebscott.com that NeNe Leakes has not been offered an opportunity to return to ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ for season 13.

Pickup letters allegedly went out last Friday via emails to each of the ladies’ representatives and NeNe did not get one. Eva Marcille already announced she isn’t returning.

It’s not surprising, considering NeNe’s tumultuous few years with the network, producers, and fellow cast mates.

NeNe started off season 12 suspended following her alleged physical altercation with one of the cameramen in season 11.

Then, during the season, she popped off on a producer and walked off set while filming in Greece — in addition to not appearing in other episodes. 

She also walked off set multiple times during the season 12 virtual reunion.

Not to mention, she’s allegedly been not-so-subtly threatening to sue the network.

Today (Wednesday), NeNe took to Twitter to threaten…someone…about getting away with something. Could she be talking about Andy?

We’re told the final nail in the coffin was NeNe’s recent Twitter episode in which she retweeted a call for ‘Real Housewives’ executive producer Andy Cohen to be fired.

Both NeNe’s rep and PMK publicist contacted lovebscott.com and asked us to remove our post on the matter — we did not.

Sources close to NeNe have confirmed exclusively that she does not currently have an offer for season 13, saying:

“There is a larger NBC/Universal conversation happening it’s [all] folded into.”

We also reached out to sources close to the show who allege NeNe’s currently “playing the race card” because negotiations are not working in her favor.

Season 13 wouldn’t be the first time ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ went on without NeNe. She did not hold a peach in Season 9.

Are you ready for a NeNe-less RHOA? Taping for season 13 starts in less than 30 days!

Update: The network (as well as NeNe’s manager and publicist) reached out and apparently they have an issue with the word “fired.” An official statement from Bravo reads:

“There is no truth to Nene being fired and conversations are ongoing.”

As we said, NeNe was not offered a new contract and is attempting to play “the race card” hoping to get her job back.

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