Exclusive: NeNe Leakes Dropped By Entire Team -- ICM, Untitled Entertainment, Fox Rothschild and Jonesworks PR -- Claims Conspiracy Against Her

NeNe Leakes took to Twitter on Monday morning with more allegations of mistreatment — but not by Bravo.

In a series of Tweets, NeNe pointed the finger at her former manager, Steven Grossman and her former attorney, Darrell Miller of Fox Rothschild LLP.

We here at lovebscott.com can exclusively report that NeNe’s tweets arrive on the heels of her being dropped by almost her entire team.

She’s no longer a client of Steven Grossman at Untitled Entertainment, she’s no longer repped by ICM, and has parted ways with lawyer Darrell Miller.

We also hear that NeNe is no longer being represented by Jonesworks PR.

Sources exclusively tell lovebscott.com that NeNe has accused Steven, Darrell, and other of conspiring against her and working with Bravo to aid in her mistreatment. She alluded to her conspiracy belief a few days ago.

If you’ve been following along, lovebscott.com was the first to exclusively report that NeNe was fired from ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ after execs got tired of dealing with her bad (and at times, violent) behavior.

While she denied being fired initially, NeNe has since confirmed she was fired and has accused Bravo and Andy Cohen of racist treatment. 

Despite alluding to mistreatment on social media and in a series of Instagram Live sessions, NeNe has yet to come forward with clear and direct accusations against Bravo or Andy. She is, however, encouraging fans to boycott the network and sign a petition.

According to her Instagram, NeNe is currently hard at work opening ‘The Linnethia Lounge’ and at one point was developing ‘Glamsquad Showdown’ for Bravo’s sister NBCUniversal network, E!.

As of now, it’s unclear if that show is moving forward.

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