Exclusive: Keke Palmer Is Being Considered for a Permanent Position with 'Good Morning America'

Keke Palmer has been co-hosting ‘Strahan and Sara’ all summer alongside Michael Strahan while co-host Sara Haines is on maternity leave.

According to our sources, the response to Keke’s addition has been so overwhelmingly positive that GMA honchos are trying to ‘figure out’ how to make Keke a permanent part of the ‘Good Morning America’ family.

What was initially slated to be GMA’s third hour, the show morphed from ‘GMA Day’ to what’s now ‘Strahan and Sara.’

Michael Strahan and Keke Palmer have been holding it down to rave reviews, so it makes sense why the powers at be would want Keke to stay.

We doubt that they replace Sara Haines — especially considering the show is called ‘Strahan and Sara’ — but it’s clear that Keke has quickly become an audience favorite and her chemistry with Michael is undeniable.

Maybe we’ll see something like ‘Strahan and Sara Have a Keke’ sometime this fall.

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