Ex-Destiny's Child Member Denies Plans for a Beyoncé Tell-All Book [Photo]


Rumors hit the Internet this week that former Destiny’s Child member Farrah Franklin is planning to release a juicy tell-all book about Beyoncé.

According to the reports, the book would go in detail about Beyoncé’s alleged nose job, breast implants, and some other tea from her early career.

Thankfully, Farrah’s representation dismissed the rumors as complete lies — all while promoting Farrah’s new single.

Normally we would not address these bogus headlines, however today we will– Our client Farrah Franklin has worked hard for a very long time to create her latest hit single “Magic and Makeup.” We do not need the BS or lies from a gossip site to take away the message of empowerment, self love and spreading love!! Ms. Franklin’s new single titled #magicandmakeup is going viral because its a hit record, we do not need an urban blogger creating a buzz for themselves; from our success with this hit single, while we are continuing to build Farrah Franklin’s brand!! Nor do we need their pathetic attempts and lies to promote her talents or create drama because they chose to make a living from hate and belittling others! Ms. Franklin has not and does not plan on doing anything but spreading love and creating more magic with her music! Nice try but not today….. #backinthegameent #farrahfranklin #magicandmakeup @farrahfranklin

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If you ask us, it sounds like Farrah’s team may have planted a fake story to generate a little buzz. Not to mention, Farrah was in the group for all of 4,5 seconds — how much tea could she have possibly gathered?


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