Erika Jayne Says She's Being ‘Extorted’ by Attorneys in $5 Million Fraud Lawsuit

Erika Jayne claims she is a victim of “extortion” after two attorneys who worked with Tom Girardi’s law firm, Girardi & Keese, filed a $5 million fraud lawsuit against her and her estranged husband.

via Page Six:

“Extortion. This is what Im dealing with,” the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star, 50, captioned on Instagram a repost of her attorney Evan C. Borges’ response to a motion filed and published exclusively by Page Six on Thursday.

Ronald Richards, the attorney representing the law offices of Philip R. Sheldon and Robert P. Finn (who filed the lawsuit), exclusively tells Page Six, “Erika believes she can accuse our clients of extortion by making public statements about them but in the same breath, wants to conceal the facts that would show the falsity of this statement. We will not let this happen.”

The motion that got Jayne riled up accused the “Pretty Mess” singer of hindering the plaintiffs’ investigation by not filing her company EJ Global’s taxes to get it out of suspension.

Sheldon and Finn’s firms believe Jayne’s company, EJ Global, used money they are owed from settlements they worked on together with Girardi, 82, to fund her lavish lifestyle.

The California Superior Court ruled Friday that Jayne is ordered to file no later than June 27, 2022 a report “showing any steps” she has taken on behalf of EJ Global to “revive the entity.”

Separately, Jayne requested on May 17 to keep her financial records confidential, which Richards said in Thursday’s motion was “meritless” and left the plaintiffs “hamstrung.”

He also alleged in the motion that “Erika wants to protect EJ Global LLC but won’t pay its taxes,” and implied she wants to keep EJ Global’s funding source secret because she allegedly has “long business relationship” with that individual.

Jayne reposted on Instagram her attorney’s response to the confidentiality opposition, which read in part, “The Sheldon plaintiffs and their Twitter obsessed attorneys want to expose private information, which we already disclosed to the [Girardi & Keese] trustee, under a threat of pay me money ‘or else’ I go public.”

Richards tells Page Six Friday in response to Borges and Jaynes’ statements, “Erika Girardi likes to deflect from thrust of the motion.”

He concludes, “We have a trial September 12, 2022 and no matter how hard Erika tries, the truth will come out in a public courtroom.”

Borges previously told Page Six that Jayne was only an “interest holder” of EJ Global LLC and therefore Girardi, Girardi & Keese, and their outside accountants are liable.

He added, “The Sheldon plaintiffs and their Twitter attorneys have no case.”

Another day, another lawsuit for Erika.

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