Erika Girardi Admits She's 'at a Loss' in Long-Awaited Sit-Down Over Ex Tom's Alleged Multi-Million-Dollar Fraud |

Erika Girardi Admits She’s ‘at a Loss’ in Long-Awaited Sit-Down Over Ex Tom’s Alleged Multi-Million-Dollar Fraud

Erika Girardi is finally coming face-to-face with the victims of her estranged husband Tom Girardi’s financial crimes.

via People:

On Tuesday, ABC News Studios and L.A. Times Studios announced the release of The Housewife and The Hustler 2: The Reckoning — a documentary that will serve as a sequel to the duo’s first film which explored of the disgraced lawyer’s financial crimes.

In a press release shared with PEOPLE, The Housewife and The Hustler 2will continue the “shocking investigation into ex-powerhouse attorney Tom Girardi and the fall of his legal empire.” This time, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, 52, will finally be confronted by her ex’s victims.

The documentary will not only bring viewers into the long-awaited moment, but will also share the untold stories of those who were closest to Erika and how they were affected.

“This story was a nuclear explosion,” a voiceover explains after several headlines are shown featuring the Girardis and their alleged crimes.

“Today, several victims will get a chance to finally meet Erika Girardi,” L.A. Times investigative reporter Matt Hamilton says over a shot of the Bravolebrity entering a home and sitting down with the victims.

 “I’m at sort of a loss for what to say,” she admits, to which one of the women affected replies, “Did you see the documentary?”

As one expert breaks down the “crashing and burning” of Tom’s legal empire, another asks in reference to Erika, “Why are you beating up this woman? It’s about hundreds and millions of dollars. Where did all the money go?”

“It was like matches in dynamite,” legal consultant Kimberly Archie states and another expert asks, “How much of this did she know?”

While Erika may or may not have been privy to her estranged husband’s fraud, Marco Morante and Chris Psaila, co-owners of design studio MARCO MARCO, claim she’s responsible for at least one injustice.

“She loved us and at a drop of a hat, she turned on me when she needed money,” Psaila claims.

“For him to be involved in such a massive scheming and then for it to involve a Real Housewife,” lawyer Angela Angotti begins as fellow lawyer Cesie Alvarez finishes, “My reaction was ‘Oh, crap.'”

After teasing an audio recording from Tom to the L.A. Times and others labeling him as “a master manipulator,” the trailer features another victim who describes him as “the devil.”

“You can play the villain on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills if you want but don’t be a d— to the victims,” Archie continues. “I wanted Erica to say I’m sorry face-to-face.”

When a victim asks, “Erika, why did it take you so long?” she replies, “I was never asked to do this. Nobody was really interested in my side of the story.”

The Housewife and The Hustler 2: The Reckoning premieres Monday, Feb. 12 on Hulu.

We’ll have to check this one out.

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