'Equalizer 3' Director Antoine Fuqua Says He Tried to Stop Denzel Washington From Doing His Own Stunts

Denzel Washington is still doing his own stunts at 68 years old, but while filming ‘The Equalizer 3’ director Antoine Fuqua tried to get him to stop.

via JJ:

Antoine explained that he only tried to stop Denzel because he didn’t want the 68-year-old to break anything.

“He’s still got it,” he shared with Yahoo Entertainment. “He trains every day. I’d have to tell Denzel, ‘Let me get the stunt guy to do this one,’ He’s like ‘I got it!’ You have to protect him from himself!”

Antoine admits that he doesn’t want Denzel to injure himself, but still appreciated him wanting to do his own stunts.

“There are very few actors who are on that level,” he says. “He’s just one of the greats, he’s a GOAT.”

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The Equalizer 3 is doing pretty well at the box office this weekend!

Denzel better be careful out here! We don’t need anything happening to him.

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