'Empire' Keeps Getting Bigger & Bigger: Ratings Rise for Eighth Straight Week


Empire continues to defy TV ratings logic – shattering yet another record – by increasing in viewers week after week.

Last night, the FOX hit nabbed 14.2 million viewers, increasing by 300,000 viewers since last week’s airing. It also garnered a massive 5.7 rating in the all-important adults 18 – 49 demographic.

As Empire continues to grow, we’ll continue to provide a breakdown of its unprecedented growth streak.

Check it out below.

January 7: 9.9 million viewers

January 14: 10.32 million viewers

January 21: 11.07 million viewers

January 28: 11.36 million viewers

February 4: 11.47 million viewers

February 11: 11.96 million viewers

February 18: 13.02 million viewers

February 26: 13.9 million viewers

March 4: 14.2 million viewers

Empire is a huge hit in black homes, with African Americans making up 63% of its audience, which is twice the black viewers of Scandal.

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