Ebony Magazine Announces Removal of CEO Willard Jackson Jr. Following Investigation of Transactions | lovebscott.com

Essence magazine isn’t the only Black publication undergoing a change in leadership.

Just days after it was announced that four Essence executives stepped down amid allegations of sustaining a toxic work culture, sexual harassment, and more, Ebony announced that CEO Willard Jackson Jr. is out.

His departure comes following “an independent inquiry into a number of transactions,” according to the press release.

“The board of directors individually and collectively understands the legacy and value of EBONY to Black communities globally,” said Jacob Walthour Jr., newly-elected Chairman of Ebony’s Board of Directors and co-founder of Blueprint Capital Advisors, a black-owned asset manager. “Founder John H. Johnson conducted himself and EBONY business with a level of class, integrity and honor that has come to define Black professionalism in America. While the Board expects that EBONY will always need to adapt its business model to stay relevant, it must never compromise the core values of Mr. Johnson.”

“As we approach EBONY’s 75th anniversary, now more than any other time since the Civil Rights movement, Black people need a medium to express ‘their’ voice and record this historical moment,” said John C. Robinson, an EBONY Director.  We are committed to the preservation of this valuable asset to the Black community and being a part of the next 75 years.

The board of directors plans to appoint an interim CEO and operating committee.  As part of the board’s engagement, they are prioritizing the payment of delinquent compensation to Ebony employees.

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