Drew Sidora's Assistant Allegedly Spread a Gay Rumor About Her Husband on 'RHOA'

As if Drew Sidora’s marriage isn’t already hanging on by a thread, on Sunday night’s episode of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta,’ it was revealed that Drew’s assistant Anthony allegedly spread a rumor that Drew’s husband, Ralph, is gay.

via Page Six:

The tea was spilled at the third birthday party for Kenya Moore’s daughter, Brooklyn, when Sidora, 37, brought up speculation that co-star Shereé Whitfield stiffed Anthony out of money when he previously worked for the She by Shereé designer. 

After Whitfield, 52, vehemently denied the allegation, her pal Fatum stepped in to ask, “Isn’t [Anthony] the same guy who told you her husband is gay?”

Whitfield avoided the question by looking down. A confused Sidora then demanded clarity from Fatum. 

“She didn’t want to hire [Anthony] because he’s talking about you and he said that your husband his gay and all of that,” Fatum said, which incensed Sidora. 

“What we’re not gonna do is ever bring up my husband’s name in that light because I just met you. And what you’re not gonna do is ever speak on my husband,” she said forcefully. 

“That’s what we’re not gonna do! This is not the place to ever do that.”

Fatum told Sidora that she was simply relaying a message, but the “CrazySexyCool” actress shut her down further. 

“You should stop talking. Just stop talking, just stop talking! Thank you,” she said. “Don’t you ever do that. Because you don’t know me. Don’t you ever speak on my husband’s name. Don’t you ever do that.” 

Fatum, exasperated by Sidora’s response, then tells the group of women, “She keeps protecting her assistant, but he’s the one that’s messing up [her] name.” 

After the situation diffused a bit, Whitfield — who claimed that Anthony never worked for her — proceeded to call Sidora a “ditzy bitch” for broaching the subject at Moore’s tea party-themed event for Brooklyn. 

“Did you just call me a ditzy bitch?” Sidora pressed, to which Whitfield snapped back, “I did, bitch.” 

Moore, 51, then stepped in to tell Sidora that Fatum was only trying to point out that Anthony seemed to be at the center of the latest “RHOA” scandal. 

“This young lady here, you didn’t hear what she said. She was simply telling you that Anthony was the one who started that rumor and told other people and you jumped on her and I think you owe her an apology,” the former Miss USA said. 

Sidora explained that she didn’t hear that important piece of what Fatum said — but didn’t seem to buy it anyhow.

“I didn’t hear that, sorry. I didn’t hear that Anthony said that,” she said, gesturing her hand as to brush off the accusation against her employee. “I never heard that a day in my life.” 

Sidora told Page Six this month that her marriage to Pittman, 39, goes through many ups and downs on Season 14 of the Bravo reality show. 

On the premiere, they dealt with an allegedly flirty text exchange between Pittman and a former female assistant; and on the second episode, the pair suffered through a disastrous dinner date. 

“It’s just the journey of trying to get through life and trauma and triggers. And you have to be patient on both ends because I’m not always perfect,” she said, adding that the two are currently in couples counseling. 

“He’s not always going to be perfect … [but] we both married to stay together forever.”

Sidora and Pittman tied the knot in 2014. They share son Machai, 6, and daughter Aniya, 4, and parent son Josiah, 11, from a previous relationship of Sidora’s.  

Yikes. ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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