Drake’s Pink Manicure Is His Latest “Rich Flex” [Photos]

Drake is getting tour ready.

via: HotNewHipHop

Drake has never been one to follow the crowd. This is precisely what’s driven him to such success in his career. Of course, with fame and fortune also come critics and trolls, which the father of one has no shortage of. Back in the spring, Drizzy was clowned particularly hard for an outfit he wore during a Stake and Kick live stream. It consisted of a jumpsuit declaring him “State Property” and yellow nail polish.

No matter what haters had to say, the Scorpion rapper carried himself with his usual confidence. It seems he got the manicure criticism loud and clear, though. Photos surfaced on Sunday (July 2) that show Drake rocking a beautiful two-toned pink design on his perfectly groomed nails. The 36-year-old didn’t share them himself on social media, but the technician responsible for taking care of him gave us a look at her work, as well as a photo captured with Champagne Papi afterward.

In the comment section of @theshaderoom’s reposts, users have been merciless in making fun of Drake – again. “He definitely said ‘Besties!’ when they took this pic,” one person joked. “These ni**az really enjoying their soft girl era,” another person chimed in. Elsewhere, others expressed that the “In My Feelings” rapper’s expression of his femininity is too much for them to handle. Regardless, the smile on his face proves how happy Drizzy is with his nails, and he’ll likely have the best manicure on the It’s All A Blur tour.

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