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Drake Denies Rick Ross’ Claim He Got a Nose Job, Says Ross Has Gone ‘Loopy’ Off Weight Loss Drug

Welp, that was fast.

via: Complex

After Drizzy was accused of having plastic surgery done on his nose on “Champagne Moments,” a recent diss track from Rick Ross, it didn’t take long for the 6 God to respond to his former collaborator.

On Sunday, Drake took to his Instagram Stories with a screenshot of a text message exchange between him and his mother, Sandi Graham, in which she asked if the rumors about her son getting a nose job were true. The Toronto artist also tagged Ross on the post, writing, ‘You’re one nosey goof.'”

The 6 God also fired back by saying that Ross had gone “loopy off the Mounjara,” an antidiabetic medication and weight loss drug. He went on to say that not eating for several days has made Rozay “angry and racist,” seemingly referring to Ross calling him a “white boy” several times on the diss track. Drake, is, of course, mixed race.

“Aubs – the internet is saying you got a nose job?? You looked the same to me in the kitchen today,” Drake’s mother wrote. “I can’t believe you would get one without me,
2 cuz you know I always wanted one. Don’t tell me that you got tattoos without me and now this, too?”

Drizzy responded, “I would have got us a 2 for 1 deal if I went ma… It’s coming from Rick Ross the guy I did songs with he’s gone loopy off the Mounjaro he hasn’t eaten in days and it’s turned him angry and racist he’s performing at proms for money it’s bad don’t worry we’ll handle it.”

As mentioned above, Drake’s post comes after Ross responded to Drizzy’s explosive “Push Ups (Drop & Give Me Fifty)” with a diss track of his own. On the track, the Maybach Music Group leader fired off several shots at the Toronto artist, calling him “white boy,” claiming he got plastic surgery, and saying he unfollowed him after the Canadian allegedly sent a cease and desist to French Montana.

Regarding the nose job allegations, “Champagne Moments” saw Rozay rap, “You ain’t never wanna be a n***a anyway n***a that’s why you had an operation to make your nose smaller than your father’s nose.”

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