Drake Appears to Respond to Negative Album Reactions: ‘It’s All Good If You Don’t Get It Yet’ [Video]

Drake’s new album ‘Honestly, Nevermind’ is polarizing (we happen to really enjoy it), but he honestly doesn’t care.

via Complex:

Many expected a rap project, but Drizzy’s offering instead explores a wide swath of dance music, including Jersey club, Baltimore club, and house music. And it seems he doesn’t care about listeners’ first impressions. 

“It’s all good if you don’t get it yet,” Drake says during a clip, apparently in response to the mixed reactions. In the background, his song “Calling My Name” plays at what looks to be his album release party.

“That’s what we do! We wait for you to catch up,” he said. “We in here, though, we caught up already. On to the next. My goodness!”

Alongside the album’s arrival also came a music video for “Falling Back” with a Tristan Thompson cameo, and a new Sound42 SiriusXM radio show Table For One, which saw Drake teasing another installation to his Scary Hours series and the forthcoming arrival of a poetry book. 

He initially pushed that poetic narrative with a statement that accompanied Honestly, Nevermind. “I let my humbleness turn to numbness at times letting time go by knowing I got the endurance to catch it another time,” he wrote. “I work with every breath in my body cause it’s the work not air that makes me feel alive.” He continued, “That’s some real detrimental shit but that’s that shit my perfectionist mind doesn’t really mind because no one knows what’s on my mind when I go to sleep at 9 & wake up at 5—unless I say it in rhyme.”

Peep the clpi below.


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