Dr. Fauci Wants You to Know a Black Woman Created One of the COVID-19 Vaccines [Video]

With the history of this country, Black people have every reason to be skeptical of the COVID-19 vaccines — however, Dr. Anthony Fauci wants everyone to know a Black woman was responsible for creating one of them.

Speaking Tuesday at an event hosted by the National Urban League, Dr. Fauci touched on racism in medical research. He pointed to contributions of Black scientists in developing COVID-19 vaccines — including Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett.

Dr. Corbett is the lead scientist for coronavirus vaccine research at Fauci’s National Institute of Health.

She was also part of the team that worked with Moderna to develop its vaccine that’s expected to get emergency use authorization from the FDA and be rolled out later this month.

“So, the first thing you might want to say to my African-American brothers and sisters is that the vaccine that you’re going to be taking was developed by an African-American woman. And, that is just a fact,” Dr. Fauci said.

According to a recent study, only 14% of African-Americans trust the vaccine will be safe and only 18% trust it’ll be effective. It should also be noted that the virus has been disproportionately affecting Black and brown communities — communities who would benefit most from a successful vaccine.

Watch Dr. Fauci’s address below. Will you be getting one of the vaccines as they become available?

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