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Dr. Dre Rips Estranged Wife Over Claim She Owns Rights To His Name

This soap opera takes more twist and turns than ‘Scandal.’ Dr. Dre is fighting back against his estranged wife Nicole Young’s claim she co-owns the rights to his famous name along with “The Chronic.”

via: The Blast

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Dre is asking a court to shut down Nicole’s suit over his trademarks to Dr. Dre and his hit album.

Back in August, Nicole filed the lawsuit against Dre claiming co-ownership of the marks. In the suit, she accused her estranged husband of transferring the rights to the trademarks into a brand-new company solely owned by him. She says this is an attempt to hide their community property.

Sources close to Dre point out the couple was married in 1996, which is four years after The Chronic was released. They say he has been using the name since the 1980’s. Nicole claims Dre didn’t file to trademark the name until 1997, when they were married.

In the newly filed court documents, Dre doesn’t hold back his feelings about Nicole’s recent actions.

His lawyer wrote, “Plaintiff Nicole Young, after commencing divorce proceedings against Defendant Andre Young, seeking over $400 Million, then stealing almost $400,000.00 from an LLC that funds Defendant Young’s recording studio, draining its entire bank account, Plaintiff has decided that $400,400,000.00 and one lawsuit are not enough. She is now suing Defendant Young and another LLC in a separate lawsuit, having the temerity to claim that trademarks to Defendant Young’s performing name, “Dr. Dre,” and to his first solo album, entitled “The Chronic,” have been unlawfully transferred from Defendant Young to his wholly-owned LLC.”

The motion points out, “Dr. Dre” is a trade name that Defendant Young had used for over ten years before he even met Plaintiff, as a member of the World Class Wreckin’ Cru, then as a member of NWA, and then as a solo performer. “The Chronic” was a multi-platinum and Grammy-winning album that was released four years before his marriage to Plaintiff.” Dre says this dispute should be figured out in their divorce case. He says Nicole’s claims have no merit and he wants the case thrown out.

Earlier this year, Nicole filed for divorce from Dre following 24 years of marriage. In the papers, Nicole said they did sign a prenuptial agreement at the time of wedding. However, she claims Dre tore up the agreement years into their marriage. Nicole believes she should be awarded $2 million a month in temporary support until a final decision is made in the case.

Dre fired back denying he ever ripped up their prenuptial agreement. He believes Nicole is entitled to money but not half of his estimated $1 billion estate.

He has scoffed at the $2 million a month request. Dre says he is still paying a good portion of Nicole’s monthly expenses.

The two have not been playing nice in the divorce. Nicole recently fired off three subpoenas to women she believes had affairs with Dre during their marriage. The women are Jillian Speer, Kili Anderson, and Crystal Sierra aka Crystal Rogers. She is even demanding answers on whether Dre was ever sued for paternity or had a child outside the marriage.

They really going for messiest divorce in history.

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