Don't Tell Britney! Kevin Federline Reveals He and Justin Timberlake are Friends: 'We've Gone Out Golfing, Hung Out'


Did you know Britney Spears’ exes Kevin Federline and Justin Timberlake were golfing buddies?

Neither did we — until now. In a new interview with Us Weekly, Kevin Federline reveals there’s no bad blood between him and Justin. In fact, Kevin and Justin have mutual friends and have hung out on more than one occasion.

“We’re cool. Me and J are. I actually just went to his last show in Vegas and hung out with him, got to see a lot of old friends,” Federline tells Us of Jessica Biel’s husband, whom he used to backup dance for. “I’m friends with all the security guys. [They’re] great, they’re incredible. We’ve actually – guys that work with him have worked with us and still work with me, still to this day. You know everybody, you’re friends with everybody. And yeah, me and J are cool.”

“My best friend is his choreographer so we have mutual friends, and I mean, we’ve gone out golfing, we’ve hung out. You get older, you grow up, and you realize that was just a time in your life. Sh-t happens.”

Could you imagine Britney’s reaction to seeing the two major loves of her life hanging out? We don’t think she’d handle it very well…at all.



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