Don Lemon Calls Out Hollywood for Its Silence During George Floyd Protests [Video] |

Don Lemon Calls Out Hollywood for Its Silence During George Floyd Protests [Video]

Hollywood, Don Lemon would like to have a word.

During last night’s broadcast of CNN Tonight, Don Lemon called out several Hollywood celebrities — by name — who should be speaking out in regards to the state of the country and the death of George Floyd.

via Complex:

“What about Hollywood? Strangely quiet,” Lemon said while talking to Rev. William Barber on Saturday per The Hollywood Reporter. “I’ve seen them on Twitter, I see them, ‘Oh, I’m loving what Don Lemon’s doing’ … But they gotta do more than that.”

Lemon went on to condemn both black and white celebrities for not “helping these young people.”

“Yes, I’m calling you out, and you can be mad at me all you want. And what they’re doing, you’re sitting there and watching TV and you’re bitching about it,” he continued. “Get on television or do something and help these young people instead of sitting in your mansions and doing nothing. And have some moral courage and stop worrying about your reputation and your brand.”

The anchor’s sentiments continued into this monologue. Lemon asked the wealthy, leaders of companies/organizations, and stars why they aren’t supporting those who are on the front lines of these protests. He mentioned how Beyoncé used her platform to seek justice for George Floyd and asked why other celebrities—like Tracee Ellis Ross, Tyler Perry, Oprah, and Ellen—can’t do the same.

Lemon’s comments come on the fifth day of uprising in America. Cities across the country—including Los Angeles, New York, Washington, D.C., and Kansas City—have become home to people outraged by the murder of George Floyd at the hands of police officer Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis. 

Watch the clip below.

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