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Diddy Vows to “Never Wear Adidas Again” in Support of Kanye West [Photo]

The world has had front-row seats to Kanye West’s most recent controversy as the Rap mogul has been battling with brands. For days, West has been posting screenshots and photos regarding both Adidas and The Gap copying his Yeezy designs.

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Diddy has pledged his full support behind Kanye West amid his ongoing battle with Adidas. In a series of Instagram posts over the past weekend, Ye accused the footwear brand of not only making decisions around his Yeezy footwear line without his input, but also claims that they stole his designs for the brand’s latest adiFOM Q and Adilette footwear concepts.

“I have no chill,” wrote Ye in an Instagram post accompanied by images of the people that make up the Adidas supervisory board. “It’s going to cost you billions to keep me. It’s going to cost you billions to let me go. Adidas you stole my f**king designs amongst other things. I’ll give you to Tuesday.” Ye also promised to make things “unbearable” for the company. “I’m not waiting 7 months to leave like the breach letter I sent you… it’s up now. I’m going to make things unbearable and I promise I’ve only been playing nice,” the “Jesus Walks” emcee continued.

Now that Tuesday (Sept. 6) has arrived, Diddy took to his own social media profile to call out the athletic wear company for capitalizing off of the culture. “Since the era of Run-DMC @Adidas has always used hip hop to build its brand and make billions off of our culture,” wrote the “Gotta Move On” lyricist in a post shared to Instagram. “But we are much more than just consumers now, we’re the owners. @KanyeWest and YEEZY are the reason Adidas is relevant to the culture. We know our value!”

Furthermore, Diddy’s IG post today (Sept. 6) featured a screenshot of a text message thread between him and Ye where he asks his brother, “Send me something I could post in support of you.” The Bad Boy Records founder also vowed to “never wear Adidas again” for the rest of his life until the brand makes things right, and further commits to that promise in his call-to-action against the company. “I’m done wearing Adidas products until they make this right,” wrote Diddy. “We have to support each other! Everybody repost this please!”

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