Diddy Talks Fatherhood Since Kim Porter’s Death With Yung Miami: “I Really Could Not Control Crying” [Video]

REVOLT’s all-new multi-platform series “Caresha Please” is here starring one half of the City Girls’ rap duo Caresha Brownlee, also known as Yung Miami, as the host and special guest Sean “Diddy” Combs.

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In the 36-minute episode, the 28-year-old host (real name Caresha Brownlee) chatted with the Bad Boy Records founder about light, yet random topics. As they sat on opposite couches sipping Combs’ Deleòn Tequila, Yung Miami asked questions about love and dating, traveling to exotic islands, their relationship status, life goals, and being authentic. One of the more serious topics was life after the loss of model and actress Kim Porter, the mother of three of Diddy’s children.

“How has fatherhood been since the passing of Kim Porter?” asked Caresha before Diddy somberly shook his head before responding. “Hmm…fatherhood has been really, really, real cause I was like a part-time father, you know what Im saying? Kim and Sarah [Chance’s mother] and everybody had everything held it down, and then man … you know … just losing Kim it was just like I was a full-time father.”

He continued, “My life is really like going crazy right now … (laughs) you know what I’m saying? It’s really, really, real, you know what I’m saying? Going from just being on the road and stuff to like actually having to raise three girls and never… I’ve never been in this situation and you know, I guess God gave me some karma. Hit me three times … three times, I got three girls turning 16.”

“I’m proud of my daughters,” he added. “Like when I see my daughters I just get so filled with pride. They’re so beautiful and strong. They’re like really, really strong young women. They have their own opinions and they have their own points of views. And they have their own dreams. It’s just like really beautiful to see, and it’s clear why women run the world, you know what I’m saying? Like when I’m around them.”
Relating to having lost someone she loved, Caresha chimed in with, “I feel like that’s something that me and you got in common. I lost my baby father and I felt like I never really got the chance to like grief about it because I was working. So I never got a chance to like express how I felt or I never really went through the emotions so when it did hit me I was just like f**ked up. Like it hit me at a bad time and had me like really depressed and I ain’t know how to handle it.”

Admitting to trying out therapy that ultimately didn’t work for her, Caresha asked Diddy for insight on how he coped with his loss Kim. Diddy revealed that he cried for three months straight. “I would be just like walking around crying… ust all the time,” he said. “It just hurt so bad, you know what I’m saying? I was just like not moving. I had like isolated myself, you know? It was definitely… it was rough. I really could not control crying. I would be anywhere and just any memory would just get me… and really break me down.”

As time went on and Diddy was able to face his new reality, he championed his religious connection and prayer as the factors that pulled him through his grief. “Talking to God is what really got me through it,” he expressed. “I had a wonderful life in time with Kim. I have beautiful kids. I’m just like the luckiest man in the world to even have had the experience to have her in my life.”

Although Love’s grieving process is a daily thing for him, he did confirm to Yung Miami that he is in fact back up on his feet and ready to love again.

Watch the full interview below.

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