Did Solange Delete Pictures of Beyoncé From Her Instagram? [Photos]



Most of us are still shocked over the video of Solange physically assaulting her brother-in-law Jay Z inside the elevator of New York’s Standard hotel, but apparently that wasn’t her first act of anger that night.

Although the evening started out fun with Solange hitting the dance floor with Beyonce and Naomi Campbell, Us Weekly reports that the R&B singer later argued with fashion designer Rachel Roy during the Met gala after-party in the Boom Boom Room of the hotel.

What’s even more interesting, is that Solange has reportedly deleted all photos of Beyoncé from her Instagram except for one.

Now, we’re not too well versed in Solange’s Instagram, but we’re pretty sure there was more than one photo of Beyoncé before.

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 11.41.51 AM

Under the last remaining Bey photo on the Solange’s account (above), users have been leaving comments such as, “This is the only picture remaining of Beyonce,” while another user added, “You forgot to delete this.

Is Solange sending us a subliminal message by deleting photos?

Beyoncé herself posted a rather questionable photo just a day after the incident happened.


Hmm. We’ll really have to see how this whole thing plays out.

[via She Knows]

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