More Details on Porsha Williams' Rent Debt Revealed [Court Documents]


Yesterday news broke that Porsha Williams owes nearly $18,000 in past HOA dues.

Radar Online has obtained the court documents that back up the allegations.

According to the docsThe Grandview Condominium Association filed a lawsuit against Porsha in 2012 for falling behind on her homeowner’s dues.

On Jan. 13, 2014 a judge signed off on court documents allowing SunTrust Bank to garnish wages from Porsha’s bank account on behalf of the Grandview Condominium Association.

We’re not sure at what point she was living in the condo, but it appears that the situation may have transpired before she was ever a ‘housewife’.

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Porsha doesn’t seem to care that her financial situation has been made public. She took to Instagram to share the below photo, along with the caption:

“This is what I do when I’m supposed to be cleaning room and closet sit on floor & tweet & watch youtube & IG back and forth #shortattentionspan #ineedhelp @lodwill to busy … #gonnabeinhereallday ugh oh well y’all keep Posting . lol”


Get your life, Porsha! …just make sure you can afford it.

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