Designer Who Went Viral for Prison Fashion Show Punished With 9 Months of Solitary Confinement [Video]

Rashod Stanley, an inmate who founded the Trenches fashion line, has been punished with solitary confinement after his behind-bars fashion show went viral on social media — according to his mother.

via Complex:

“My son was moved from Calhoun State Prison and is currently being held in solitary confinement on Tier 2 at Macon State Prison for ‘the prison fashion show video’ that went viral I posted on 12/3/20,” a message shared to the @2500shod account over the weekend reads. The video in question, per the post, featured clothing pieces previously included in another video for which Stanley has already been punished.

“He did 30 days in solitary confinement for it,” Stanley’s mother said. With the Tier 2 move, Stanley—also known as Atlanta Santana and 2500shod—is said to be facing nine months of solitary confinement after being charged for alleged “attempt to aid in escape” and “altering state property” violations in connection with making clothing using dental floss and a paper clip.

Per the official Trenches site, Stanley—who’s currently incarcerated on multiple robbery charges—once owned his own shop in the Atlanta area “before getting caught up with the wrong crowd.” In recent years, Stanley has dedicated his life to showing how creativity can be spurred and cultivated even when facing daunting obstacles. For Stanley, the craft’s power is that it stands the chance of inspiring other people to “make something out of nothing” while not letting any excuse get in their way.

The Georgia Department of Corrections site currently lists Stanley’s most recent institution location as Macon State Prison in Georgia. His latest possible release date is listed as Feb. 2, 2025.

In addition to the petition calling for justice for Stanley, a GoFundMe page has been set up to help with the cost of a parole attorney and to assist the Trenches business.

We’re not saying it’s right, but surely he had to know broadcasting a fashion show from prison would result in some type of consequence. It’s prison, not ‘Project Runway.’

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