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DDG Calls Out Amanda Seales For Urging Halle Bailey To Break Up With Him [Video]

Rapper and YouTuber DDG has broken his silence and clapped back at comedian and actress Amanda Seales following her previous comments about his relationship with Halle Bailey.

via: AceShowbiz

The rapper has called the comedian/actress “lame” for urging his girlfriend to break up with him.

Sitting down for an interview on Vlad TV, DDG was asked about Amanda’s comments on his relationship with Halle. “I thought that was lame. I don’t even know who that is and that’s even no disrespectful s**t,” he responded.

“How old is she? Why would you even be speaking on a young relationship like that?” DDG asked. When the interviewer informed DDG that Amanda is forty-one years old, he said, “At your big age, that’s how you’re talking about a twenty-four-year-old and twenty-two-year-old dating?”

Back in September, Amanda threw shade at DDG after he defended Halle against racist comments on her role in “The Little Mermaid (2023)”. Fuming, he said, “I didn’t know people was this racist. I didn’t know this… I thought this s**t was gone already. I thought this s**t was gone. I thought Martin Luther King canceled this s**t out… This s**t is crazy.”

The comments backfired, with many finding them inconsiderate and lacking substance. Of those critics was Amanda Seales, who urged Halle to break up with DDG. “She might not get an STD, but she’s going to get STS- sexually transmitted stupidity,” so the former “The Real” host said at the time.

DDG then responded to the critics by sharing a video of him delivering his valedictorian speech at his graduation. “I let these mfs think I’m stupid…,” so the 25-year-old YouTuber captioned it, before inserting a plug-in for his second studio album “Its Not Me Its You” as adding, “Album September 30.”

DDG, who has been dating Halle since earlier this year, attended Central Michigan University after graduating high school in 2015. The Michigan native, however, dropped out of college a year later to focus on his YouTube and music career.

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