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‘Days of Our Lives’ Pauses Production Amid EP Albert Alarr Misconduct Probe

Days Of Our Lives, which streams on NBCUniversal’s Peacock platform, is going on an unplanned hiatus.

via: The Wrap

A Peacock spokesperson confirmed that production will extend a preplanned hiatus this week past Monday. Corday Productions confirmed a one-week extension of the hiatus, without providing details on the reasons behind the prolonged break in filming.

News of the extension comes after TheWrap obtained a copy of a tentative “Days of Our Lives” production schedule that showed Alarr returning as director on Friday, Aug. 4.

Alarr was at the center of a nine-week misconduct investigation conducted by distributor Sony Pictures Television Entertainment, according to a report from Deadline.

“Days of Our Lives” was created by Ted and Betty Corday and is produced by the company they founded, Corday Productions, which is owned and operated by their son, executive producer Ken Corday.

According to Deadline, the investigation began in March and included accusations of gender discrimination, targeting women in the show’s recent layoffs disproportionately.

Former cast member Lisa Rinna commented on the reports Wednesday, saying that the work environment she experienced when she returned as a guest star on the series in 2018 was “disgusting.”

Fellow former cast member Peter Reckell also spoke out about the allegations, writing on Twitter: “We have learned disturbing news about the environment at [‘Days of Our Lives’]. It’s shocking to all who care deeply about the show, its legacy, and the audience who love it so much. With quick resolution, I hope to see a return to its past values of family and respect for all.”

Sony Pictures Television Entertainment declined to comment for this story.

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