Darren Sharper Fights Rape Accusations, Says He Has Video Footage to Prove His Innocence

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Ex-NFL star Darren Sharper says he’s completely innocent after two women filed separate police reports accusing him of rape.

The attorney for former NFL safety Darren Sharper said Friday that the woman accusing him of rape followed him to his apartment “willingly,” and that there was no evidence of a sexual assault.

Via Naomi Martin of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, defense attorney Nandi Campbell released a statement suggesting the lack of evidence was highlighted by the fact he hasn’t been charged or arrested.

“No evidence suggests or implies that a sexual assault occurred,” Campbell said. “The totality of the witnesses’ statements and the physical evidence support the police department and district attorney’s decision not to file criminal charges at this time.”

police report which accused Sharper of having non-consensual sex was released today, and the police have made statements saying the investigation is ongoing.

Sharper has also been accused of rape in a separate case in Los Angeles, and has been suspended from his job at the NFL Network since.


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