Damar Hamlin Plays First Game for Bills Since Cardiac Arrest Incident [Video]

Damar Hamlin reached another major milestone in his return to football.

via: NBC Sports

Hamlin on Saturday participated in his first game action since suffering an on-field cardiac arrest in early January.

The third-year safety has taken the field against the Colts in Buffalo’s 2023 preseason opener. It’s the latest development in a progression that saw him cleared to practice, to practice in pads, and now to play in a game.

So far on Saturday, Hamlin contributed to the making of a stop on fourth and short.

In Buffalo’s first unofficial depth chart (which has yet to make its way to the team’s official website), Hamlin is listed as co-second-stringer with Cam Lewis, behind starter Micah Hyde.

The possibility lingers that Hamlin will be determined to be not one of the best 53 players on the team. That would force the Bills to potentially make what likely would be a hugely unpopular move, cutting Hamlin.

God is good.

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