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Dallas Food Truck Apologizes After Failing to Split $4,000 Tip Left by Keith Lee [Video]

Keith Lee has risen to fame as TikTok’s resident celebrity food reviewer. The mixed martial artist turned internet icon is known for his reviews of small-time restaurants around the United States, often giving them a much-needed boost in foot traffic.

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A Dallas food truck is facing backlash after not following instructions given by food influencer Keith Lee.

As reported by the Dallas Morning News, Lee recently visited Sweetly Seasoned, a Dallas food truck. After conducting a review, the food influencer gave a tip of $4,000, with the request that the owner divide the money evenly amongst employees, including the barbers outside the establishment.

Shortly after Lee posted his review, Jonathan Evola, owner of Sweetly Seasoned, has been ripped on social media for keeping the entirety of Keith’s tip. As a result, the food truck’s page has been hit with one-star reviews.

“We live and die by our reviews, and a one-star review is really damaging,” Evola explained. “Someone who might want us to cater their wedding, if they see negative reviews for us, they won’t consider hiring us. I know I wouldn’t.”

Evola added, “We are now thinking of shutting down our business and changing the name because of this. It would be a huge loss. It’s not just about the money, it’s about the time. We’ve spent so much time on branding and developing a clientele base.”

Keith Lee hopped on social media to explain his side of the story.

According to Lee, he was under the impression that the squad at Sweetly Seasoned included the barber and hair braider.

Watch Lee’s full explanation below.

How it started.

How it ended.

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