CoverGirl's New 'Cover Boy' James Charles Makes Stereotypical Joke About Africa Having Ebola + CoverGirl Issues a Statement

James Charles made waves a few months ago when it was announced that the teen has become CoverGirl’s first-ever male spokesperson.

Now, James is making waves for disgustingly insensitive comments he made in reference to Africa having Ebola.


What makes his comment SO ignorant is that Ebola hasn’t been a prominent issue in Africa since last year. On January 14, 2016, the World Health Organization declared the continent of Africa clear of Ebola.

Initially, James simply blocked the people who took to Twitter to call him out. The teen eventually addressed the situation with an apology.

CoverGirl has also issued a statement distancing themselves from James’ comments.

Unfortunately for James, people have already started calling for CoverGirl to drop him from the campaign.

Okay now, CoverGirl — if you say James ‘does not represent your perspective’ then why would you continue to have him as your representative? What sense does that make? Last we checked, a representative is paid to REPRESENT a company’s perspective. That’s the entire point. Do better.



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