Controversial Michael Brown Art Exhibit on Display in Chicago [Video]


A controversial Michael Brown art exhibit being shown in Chicago is gaining national traction.

The exhibit, titled Confronting Truths: Wake Up!features a life-size replica of slain teen Michael Brown lying face down on the floor, surrounded with crime-scene tape, while a video of Eartha Kitt looks over him singing Angelitos Negros.

According to Ti-Rock Moore, the artist behind the exhibit, the goal is to initiate meaningful discourse on the violence she sees white privilege produce in America (oh, and for the record, Ti-Rock is a white woman).


While many have applauded Ti-Rock’s exhibit, it has not gone without criticism. Michael’s father is particularly upset with it.

“I really, really, really would like for them to take that away. I think it’s disturbing, disgusting … that thought, that picture is still in my head,” Michael’s father told CNN affiliate KTVI.

Other members of Michael’s family, who were contacted for permission, support Ti-Rock’s exhibit, including Michael’s great aunt.

“This is very important. Michael’s life mattered. That’s why it’s so important for us to be here. I think the world, the community needs to understand that what happened to Michael … if it happened to Michael, it could happen to anyone,” said Michael’s great aunt.

Watch a news segment covering the exhibit below.

What are your thoughts on the exhibit? We understand the intent, but we also understand why it may be too much for some members of Michael’s immediate family.

[via CNN]

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