A Conspiracy? FTC Reportedly Looking Into Why McDonald’s McFlurry Machines Are Always Broken

McDonald’s McFlurry machines always being broken is more of a problem than we all thought — and now the United States Federal Trade Commission is investigating to find out why.

via Complex:

WSJ reports the FTC sent letters to McDonald’s franchisees earlier this summer and questioned how often owners are allowed to work on the machines without the help of the manufacturer. News of the FTC probe, which is described as “preliminary,” comes months after President Joe Biden signed a right-to-repair executive order, which took aim at manufacturers that imposed limits on independent or DIY device repairs. 

Taylor Commercial Foodservice LLC, the company that makes the McFlurry machines, has been accused of creating a device that is not only prone to breaking down, but also extremely difficult to fix. A lawsuit filed against Taylor earlier this year, alleges the company runs a “repair racket” and profits off the costly repairs. However, a representative for Taylor insists that isn’t the case.

“A lot of what’s been broadcasted can be attributed to the lack of knowledge about the equipment and how they operate in the restaurants,” the representative said. “[When working with dairy products] you have to make sure the machine is cleaned properly. The machines are built up with a lot of interconnecting parts that have to operate in a complex environment and manner.”

According to FTC letter reviewed by the WSJ, “the existence of a preliminary investigation does not indicate the FTC or its staff have found any wrongdoing.”

They may not have found any wrongdoing, but someone over at McDonald’s is clearly doing something wrong.

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