Columbus Short Explains Why He Beat Up That Man in a Bar: 'He Slapped My Wife in the Face with $20 Bills' [Video]

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Columbus Short has had a rough few months, but lately he’s been speaking out in defense of his actions to let the public know what’s really going on behind the madness.

It was just last week he was arrested for public intoxication and skipping out on a bar tab in Dallas. Since then, he’s given an interview to Access Hollywood acknowledging that while he does drink too much, he’s not an alcoholic.

In an interview with Atlanta’s V-103 radio station, Columbus explains the infamous LA bar brawl that seemed to have started the downward spiral that ultimately led to his termination from Scandal

He says that the punched the guy because he was being disrespectful towards his wife…you know, the one who he allegedly threatened and put his own hands on (which he denies).

“I had to defend my wife at a bar. This man was being highly, highly disrespectful … slapping her in the face with $20 bills.”

Check out the clip below.

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