Cold World: Martha Stewart Slammed for Using ‘A Small Iceberg’ to Chill Her Cocktails During Cruise

Martha Stewart is being slammed for using a “a small iceberg” to chill her cocktail during a cruise traveling to Greenland from Iceland.

via Page Six:

Taking to social media Monday, the 82-year-old shared photos of her getaway with her 1.9 million Instagram followers, telling them the unique way she kept her drink cool.

“We actually captured a small iceberg for our cocktails tonight,” she captioned her post, in part.

In the first snap, Stewart can be seen proudly holding up her drink with a stunning backdrop of Greenland’s fjords behind her.

The second image shows two chunks of ice sitting on a black cart, possibly the one she used to chill her beverage.

After uploading the carousel on the platform, Stewart’s post was quickly flooded with disapproving comments from followers as some pointed out the ongoing climate crisis.

“Love you girl but idk if u heard yet there’s an iceberg shortage??” one fan wrote.

“Martha the ice caps are melting don’t put them in your drink,” another penned, before a third criticized her for being insensitive because “wealthy white people drinking their iceberg cocktails while the planet is in flames is a bit tone deaf.”

“Global warming and melting ice caps but we need glacier ice for cocktails?! Talk about tone def [sic]. Been a fan for years but I’ve seen enough caviar lately as I struggle to buy groceries that I’m out,” another added.

But not all comments took aim at Stewart, as some fans thanked her for the tip while others poked fun at the gaffe.

“Incredible to see — those blues are beautiful in the ice! Thank you for sharing. What an adventure and definitely cocktail celebration worthy,” one fan commented.

Another quipped, “If you can’t find fresh icebergs for your cocktails store bought is fine.”

Stewart has been sharing snippets from her trip on social media since setting sail at the weekend.

On Sunday, she left a short review about her experience crossing the Denmark Straits to get to Greenland.

“We are spending six days learning about the largest island in the world!!!” Stewart captioned her post. “The crossing is a bit rough. And it is taking more than 30 hours. Food is delicious! Crew is very friendly and knowledgeable!”

If people think an “iceberg” the size of a cup is making a difference in warming the earth, we have news for them. Maybe she can toss a couple of ice cubes outside to even things out.

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