Coi Leray Says Her Fans Won't Allow Her To "Get Older And Grow" |

Coi Leray Says Her Fans Won’t Allow Her To “Get Older And Grow”

Hot off her Coachella performance, Con Leray is voicing some frustrations.

via: Rap-Up

Amid discussions about her performance, the rapper took to Twitter on Sunday (April 21) with a special message about her evolution and the expectations of her fans.

“I feel like some of my fans, in [their minds], won’t allow me to get older and grow. They are attached to baby Coi with the braids, but it’s okay to grow up. It’s okay to get older,” she wrote.

Underneath her initial post, a social media user argued that she doesn’t have to change her image to signify maturation. Leray responded, “Oh no, baby, I’m getting braids this week; my hair is finally grown out. But as I GROW into a [woman], I’m learning and discovering new things about myself. New desires, new interests, new icks, new [melodies], new flows, new topics, [etc.]”

In a separate post, the artist added, “With or without braids, tight clothes or baggy clothes… I [have] always been a sex symbol. Always had confidence. Always wanted to f**k myself. It’s naturally in me. [I don’t know] what to tell folks.”

Leray’s remarks arrived on the heels of her “Wanna Come Thru” performance going viral. Underneath The Neighborhood Talk’s repost, commenters wrote messages like, “I miss her stud era” and “What made her go this route?” Other users highlighted the musician’s departure from her previous image.

The rapper previously said the aforementioned single was about “looking in the mirror and just loving yourself” via a press release. She stated, “2024 is going to be my grown and sexy era. I’m taking over this year.”

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