Coi Leray Blasts Critics Dismissing Her as a ‘TikTok Artist,’ Defends BIA’s BET Hip Hop Awards Performance [Photos + Video]

Coi Leray is a part of a new generation of rappers who are blowing up on Tik Tok. Fans are using their songs for dance videos or comedy skits, and with that comes an increase in streams. Even with chart success, however, some artists struggle to shake off the label of being a “Tik Tok artist” — Coi Leray included.

via: Complex

In a series of tweets, “No More Parties” rapper Coi Leray addressed critics who have dismissed her as a “TikTok artist,” and defended BIA following her BET Hip Hop Awards performance.

Leray has been the target of a lot of trolls recently, with some criticizing her latest music, and others body shaming her. Chief among the criticisms is the suggestion that she’s only popular on TikTok, despite her success also translating to the Billboard Hot 100 with a number of her tracks, too.

On Tuesday, she posted a screenshot of the top tracks on TikTok in the United States. “TWINNEM,” one of her latest releases, was No. 1 on the chart earlier this month. “Tik Tok artist goes straight to Billboard every time so call me a Billboard artist whenever you wanna throw Tik Tok in there,” she wrote on Thursday.

After that, she shifted her attention to the criticism that BIA got following her BET Hip Hop Awards performance. “These bitches GOT NO HITS,” she wrote in a quote-tweet of BIA addressing criticism, which also featured a lively video of her performing. “NOT 1 IDGAF DEAD CROWD LIT CROWD WE MAKE HITS WHILE THEY OUT HERE MAKING VIBES SMD ALL YALL HATERS.” She continued to praise BIA in a second tweet, and said that she can’t wait for a new track from her.

When one Twitter user suggested that they “don’t agree” with her that she makes hits, she replied, “Who gives a FUCK about what you think. Your opinion don’t madder n***a? Lol y’all people be smoking crack.”

Coi is just going to have to give it some time.

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