Clueless: Stacey Dash Tells Women Gender Inequality is an 'Excuse' and That She 'Won't Be a Victim' [Video]


Just when you thought Stacey Dash couldn’t get any more ridiculous…

The actress appeared on Wednesday’s episode of The Meredith Vieira Show and said that she doesn’t believe there’s gender inequality in the workplace and that blaming gender inequality for lower wages is nothing more than an ‘excuse.’

“It’s the same thing with race: It’s an excuse,” said Dash. “Stop making excuses. If there are opportunities, seize them and be prepared for them and be the best, if that’s what it takes. If you have to be extraordinary, then be extraordinary.”

Vieira politely got Stacey together with facts about women earning 78 cents for every dollar men make, but Stacey wasn’t hearing it.

“I know the numbers are true, but I feel like your daughter will be able to make as much money as she wants in her life, just like you are. I mean, look at you. The success you have.”

Stacey obviously doesn’t understand how this whole ‘inequality’ thing works.

“If you want to be pissed off about it, then be pissed off about it and work harder for it,” Stacey continued. “I will not be a victim.”

It sounds like she’s been listening to the men over at Fox News for way too long. Check out her appearance below.

[via THR]

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