Clip Of Yung Joc Throwing A Chair And Swinging At His 20 Y/O Son Goes Viral [Video]

Yung Joc failed to keep his cool while trying to have a deep conversation with his son Amoni. The 40-year-old rapper threw a chair and almost got physical with his son before they got separated.

via: Hot97

Joc sat his son down to talk to him about the dangers of the company he keeps, and his attitude. Things took a turn when Amoni displayed an “I don’t care” demeanor while talking to his dad.

Joc felt like he wasn’t getting the respect he deserved from his son, which led to him swinging at him. Take a look at the clip below.

Joc later addressed the argument on his radio show on Tuesday morning, August 24. He claimed that they were both calm for a long time during the conversation before the chair hurling moment. He also assured that his relationship with his son remains strong following the episode.

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