Christian Cooper Accepts Amy Cooper's Apology on 'The View,' Says She's 'Got to Do Some Reflection' [Video]

Christian Cooper is making media rounds in the wake of the controversy surrounding his Central Park incident with Karen Amy Cooper.

While we haven’t seen Amy, who attempted to weaponize her whiteness and put Christian’s life in harm’s way by lying to police on a 911 call — we have seen Christian pop up in several interviews an accept her apology.

This time, Christian appeared on ‘The View’ alongside his sister and elaborated on why he accepted her written apology.

“I do accept her apology. It’s a first step. I think she’s got to do some reflection on what happened,” Christian said. “Up until the moment when she made that statement and made that phone call, it was just a conflict between a birder and a dog-walker. And then she took it to a very dark place, and I think she’s got to sort of examine why and how that happened.”

Watch the clip below. Would you accept Amy’s apology?

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